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Fence Company Sarasota FL

Time for a new fence? Get a free estimate for fence installation in Sarasota and Sarasota County. Check out all of the best fencing services below.
Our Sarasota fence company serves all of the Sarasota Metro Area.

Fence Installation Sarasota Florida

Residential Fencing

  • Privacy Fence
  • Railings
  • Custom Gates
  • Pergolas
  • Arbors
  • Pool Fences
  • Trash Can Enclosures
  • HVAC Enclosures
  • Pet Enclosures
  • Composite Fencing

Commercial Fencing

  • Security Fence
  • Perimeter Fence
  • Temporary Fence
  • Automatic Gates
  • Access Controls
  • Sports Park Fencing
  • School Fencing
  • Commercial Chain Link
  • Noise Reduction Fencing
  • Dumpster Enclosures

Fence Repair Sarasota FL

Need your fence repaired in Sarasota Florida? Not sure if you need a full fence replacement or just some repairs? Get a free quote from one of our local fence contractors and get their professional opinion.

Storm damage is never fun to deal with so we make it easy to get help quickly. Get you fence repaired hassle free and get back to enjoying your life! We understand you work hard to maintain your property and unforeseen weather and accidents happen at the worst times.

Contact us for a free fence repair estimate and get your fence repaired so you can get back to enjoying your home.

fence repair Sarasota Florida
fence repair Sarasota
fence repair Sarasota FL

Fencing Services In Sarasota FL

Our local fence contractors offer many fencing services for your home, farm, or commercial property. Services include installing new fences, replacing an existing fence, or repairing a fence. If you do not see exactly what you had in mind, give us a call at (914) 800-5620 or drop us a note to find out if our local fence contractors can help.

Wood Fence

Choose a beautiful, natural, long-lasting wood fence by using only the highest quality wood products. A variety of styles, heights, and options are available, from solid privacy fences to picket fences.

Enhance your wood fence with accents such as cap and trim, post caps, horizontal or lattice fence with cap and trim, or the classic ranch rail, just to name a few.

wood fence Sarasota FL
vinyl fence Sarasota FL

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing offers fantastic durability with little or no maintenance. It is now available in a wide range of colors, textures, and designs.

Vinyl can be used for picket fences, semi-private designs such as a shadowbox fence, and full privacy fences. The initial investment in a vinyl fence pays off in the long run. Request an estimate to find out more.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence remains one of the most common and economical forms of fencing, ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Chain link fencing comes in two main types: galvanized chain link and vinyl-coated chain link in multiple colors. Request an estimate to find out if chain link fencing is right for your property.

chain link fence Sarasota FL
aluminum fence Sarasota FL

Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences add the elegance and protection of wrought iron fences without the maintenance. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and heights to increase the value and aesthetic appeal of any property.

No fence enhances the beauty of your home, pool, or yard like an aluminum fence!

Fence Installation FAQ

Yes, you will probably need a permit to build your fence in the City of Sarasota, but not Sarasota County.

In the City of Sarasota, you will need a landscaping permit, not a building permit, to build a fence within the city limits. Note that overlay districts, such as Siesta Key, will have additional rules.

In Sarasota County, chain-link, wood, and vinyl fences do not require a permit. However, your proposed fence must comply with the Zoning Regulations.

Please note that any HOA rules will be in addition to City or County zoning regulations.

The height of your fence in the City of Sarasota depends on its location. In the front yard, facing the street, it cannot exceed 4 feet. On the sides and back of your property, the fence can be up to 6 and a half feet tall in most cases. However, if your property borders a multi-family or non-residential zone, these side and rear fences can be as high as 8 feet. It’s always wise to consult the Sarasota City Building Department to confirm the specific regulations for your property.

Sarasota County zoning dictates the maximum height for fences based on their location on your property. In most areas, fences fronting streets cannot exceed six feet six inches in height. However, fences along side and rear setbacks can be up to eight feet tall, but only if bordering multi-family or non-residential zones. It’s always recommended to consult the Sarasota County Zoning Code for the most up-to-date regulations on fence height.

You should replace your fence when you need to repair 20% or more of your fence. This rule of thumb exists because you do not want to invest too much to repair a fence near the end of its lifespan. The exceptions to this rule are if the fence is new and just part of it is damaged.  Keep in mind that a fence permit may be required depending on the size of the repair.

The cheapest type of fence to install is almost always a chain link fence. Expect to pay between $8 and $14 per linear foot. The price will increase depending on height and choice of chain link mesh.

If you are looking for a wood fence then a fence built with pressure treated pine will be the least expensive option.

The cost of your fence installation will be mostly determined by your choice of materials.

Fence Contractors Sarasota Florida

Our fence contractors serve the following areas in Sarasota and Sarasota County, Florida:

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