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Why Choose Chain Link Fence?

Chain link fencing creates a durable enclosure for your property, whether residential or commercial. Chain link fences provide strong security while being cost-effective. A quality chain link fence can endure harsh weather conditions as well as impacts of many large objects. This type of fence is see-through, although it encloses your property you can still see out. You will not need to expend much effort of money to maintain your chain link fence. Just wash off any debris with a hose.

Options for Chain Link Fencing:

  • Galvanized – Galvanized fencing materials are zinc-coated. Zinc is known to be non-reactive to other elements. These fences can last up to 10 years.
  • Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence  Vinyl (PVC) and polymer coated chain link fence cost more than galvanized. However, it is very effective in preventing rust and has a sleek look.
  • Slatted. Slatted styles provide greater privacy for the homeowners. It is available in different colors and is made with weather-resistant polyethylene.
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Chain Link Fence FAQ

Chain link fence is once of the least expensive options. Chain link will be less expensive the many other types of fences.

Professionally installed chain link fence should cost around $14 to $26 per linear foot. Commercial and industrial fencing will cost more if a taller chain link fence is required.

Fence permits are issued by each city or county. Rules will vary on where you can install a chain link fence and the allowed height.

The cost should include labor and materials. A professional fence contractor should also pull any necessary permits before beginning construction.

If a survey is needed to establish property lines the cost of the survey is usually not included in the estimate for fence installation.

Chainlink Fence Sarasota Florida

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