Common Types of Wood Used for Fences in Florida

wood fence choices in southwest florida

Popular Options for Wood Fencing in Southwest Florida Wood fences continue to be the most popular choice in residential fencing. A wood fence in Southwest Florida will have a less durability and require regular maintenance. However, wood is still chosen over other materials, like vinyl or composite, due to cost, availability, and natural aesthetic. Wood

What Is A Shadow Box Fence?

shadowbox fence

A shadow box fence is a popular type of semi-privacy fence. The essential element of a shadow box fence are the staggered rows of pickets attached to both sides of the fence rails. Each picket obscures the gap between the pickets on the other side of the fence. So a shadow box fence blocks your view unless you

Six Types of Privacy Fences

types of privacy fences

The privacy fence is an essential element of your home. It protects you and your family from nosy neighbors, while also providing security for children and pets. There are multiple types of privacy fencing that will work for any budget or aesthetic preference. In this article we’ll cover the multiple design options and materials. We’ll also talk

Board on Board Fence

What is a board on board fence? A board on board fence is a type of privacy fence constructed with an overlapping pattern of vertical pickets. This type of fence conceals the gaps left between the boards due to shrinkage. The first layer of pickets consists of 6” wide boards installed with a 1 ½”

How Long Does It Take To Build A Fence

how long does it take to build a fence

No two yards are them same and fences are built to exact specifications and measurements. So the answer to the question “how long does it take to build a fence?” will be influenced by several factors. For example, building a standard wood fence around a yard with a 100 to 200 feet perimeter would take

How To Choose a Fence Contractor in Florida

how to choose a fence contractor in Florida

Here are some things to think about before you choose a fence contractor in Southwest Florida. Get Three Estimates Get at least three estimates before signing a contract for fence installation. You will learn a lot from talking to three different estimators about pricing and options. Check Licenses Fence contractors may need licenses in to operate

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